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Coins of Romania

popular coins:
2001 Romania 5000 LeiAluminum2.5g
2001 Romania 1000 LeiGold15.551g
2000 Romania 2000 LeiGold31.1030g
2000 Romania 500 LeiSilver27g
2000 Romania 5000 LeiGold31.1030g

One of the first coins is 5 bani that minted in 1267. It unique coin minted on special billet of pure copper. It was printed on the coin “Romania” and the release date (1267). And there were used Macedonian, Greek and Roman coins in the country after this period.  All of numismatists know about good quality of Romanian coins that are high quality raw materials. Thanks to this you can see in our catalogue perfectly preserved coins of Romania. 

But it minted Turkish coins in period of dependence of Romania in the 16 century and Australian in 1690-1780 because of Austrian rule in the country.

Famous Romanian leu was introduced in 1867. It was type of currency like in Latin Monetary Union, but Romania was not member of it. First of all leu was used by people as French francs, but in 1980 leus became national currency. 

In 2005 new leu was produced, at the time old coins retired to the end of 2006. Today National bank of Romania can change old coins to the new ones.