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coins of Great Britain

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2008 Great Britain PoundNickel-Brass9.5g
2008 Great Britain 50 PenceCopper-Nickel8g
2008 Great Britain 20 PenceCopper-Nickel5g
2007 Great Britain 2 PoundsBi-Metallic12g
2007 Great Britain 2 PoundsBi-Metallic12g

System of English coins is believed by numismatists as the most extensive and it the most interesting for learning.

British pounds were used in England from the 12 century. Initially name of the coin meant “pound of pure silver”, also ancient silver coin named in England sterling. It was thought that 240 coins was equally 1 tower pound, and it was used for the calculation of large sums. Also, it was the method of coins authentication: 240 coins were to weigh a pound and if not – they were thought fraudulent or intentionally damaged. 

In 1344 Edward III had produced gold coins nobles that became wide spreading in the Europe and in Russia. Numismatists know about unique noble that was minted by Ivan III as an imitation of the British.

In 1464 Edward IV substituted old coins on new ones and reduced quantity of gold in them. Also it was minted rayols, rozenobls, angelas. Some of its coins weren’t widespread and that’s why some of them are rare collectible. In 1489 it was started to minted sovereigns that were in using until 1553. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth gold pound and half a pound had started to use, and also it was minted from gold crowns and a half-crowns. Three different types of coins were in using in England at the same time. New King James I in 1604 had produced unite – gold sovereign that was to unify the system and in 1604 it was replaced by laurel.

Pounds as an official currency had entrenched in 1649. Then English bank had started not only coins minting but production of banknotes. And in 1663 Karl II had introduced a new coin – guinea that was minted until 1813, the coin changed unite and became the first British coin coined by machine.