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Coins of Egypt

popular coins:
1992 Egypt 100 PoundsGold17.1499g
1970 Egypt 10 PiastresCopper-Nickel
1917 Egypt 10 MilliemesCopper-Nickel5.7199g
1917 Egypt 10 MilliemesCopper-Nickel5.7000g
1892 Egypt FrancAluminum

Coins of Ptolemaic dynasty are one of the most valuable of all Egyptian coins. Egyptians used for payment gold and silver rings before the introduction of coins in Egypt by Alexander the Great, When Ptolemies was in the country it was begun coins that were very rough and uneven. Those that were made from gold are named oktodrahms and silver – tetradrachms. Picture of king was printed on the gold coin and on the bronze was Jupiter Ammonsky. When Ptolemy II won Phoenicia, coins of Egypt were widespread there. Last head of Egypt with her own picture on coins was Cleopatra. Age of the reign of Romans Egyptians used roman coins of Alexandria. 

Later 645 Egypt is a part of Arab Caliphate, and in 1517 Turkish Empire was the head of Egypt, that’s why Egyptian coins of this period do not different from Turkish. After aggressive campaigns of Napoleon, British expansion, the country gets independence only in 1922. Then thanks to the King Faud I Egyptian coins get profiles of Kings.

So, later 1971 it was started to printed the profile of President Nasser, and you can see unique for that time gold coin with picture of Ancient Egyptian drover chariot with bow.