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Coins of Belgium

popular coins:
2003 Belgium 10 EuroSilver18.93g
2004 Belgium 10 EuroSilver18.93g
2002 Belgium 100 EuroGold15.5500g
2003 Belgium 100 EuroGold15.5500g
2004 Belgium 100 EuroGold15.5500g

History of Belgian coins is too interesting and exciting. Belgium started production of franks with its own coins. Collectors know that in the Middle Ages all of regions of the country with their own mint produced guilders. Their high quantity and original design let them to be used by livers of other countries, but Belgium needed a more stable monetary system.

After became separate from Netherlands the government has developed a new common currency.  It was Belgian franc equal 100 centimes, it was appeared in 1830. These coins were used until 1911 by former colony of Belgian kingdom – Zaire. Belgium became member of Latin Monetary Union. Belgian coin consists of gold as much as French franc.

In 1940 Belgium stopped production of silver coins and started production of franks and centimes from zinc. Because of The World War II Belgian franc suffered severe devaluation and gold content has greatly decreased. 

In 2002 Belgium started to use a new currency that is known today as euro. In 2004 old coins went out of use.